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Once your condition is stable and you are awake, you will be taken to your room on a stretcher or bed. Family members can meet you there if they wish. The recovery transporter and nursing staff will help you into your bed.

In your room, a nurse will help monitor your recovery and check your incision site. You may still feel somewhat groggy. The area of your operation may hurt and burn. Sometimes nausea and vomiting occurs as a result of an operation. Don’t hesitate to ask the nurse for medication to relieve pain or nausea. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible.

Your digestive system may be sluggish after an operation. Your diet will gradually progress from liquids to solids. Your nurse and doctor will watch for signs, such as the passing of gas, that indicate your digestive system is active.

Getting Out of Bed

The following steps should make getting out of bed easier:

  • With the nurse’s help, turn on your side and bend your knees slightly
  • The nurse will help you by raising the head of the bed.
  • Use your arms to push yourself up while moving your legs off the side of the bed. This should prevent uncomfortable pulling on your stitches or staples.

Orthopedic patients should check their nurse for special instructions before getting out of bed.