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It is important that you follow these instructions or your operation will be postponed or cancelled. This is for your own safety. After midnight the night before your operation:

  1. Do not eat anything. This includes any kind of food.
  2. Do not suck on hard candy breath mints, cough drops or chew gum.
  3. You may drink up to 16 ounces (two glasses) of clear liquids, between midnight and four hours before surgery. Do not even drink water the last four hours before the operation.
    Examples of clear liquids are:
    • Water
    • Black coffee or tea
    • Apple, cranberry or grape juice
    • Carbonated beverages (pop, soft drink)
    • Kool-Aid, Gatorade
    • Clear broth or bouillon (low fat)
    Clear liquids do not include:
    • Milk, cream or orange juice.
    • Do not eat any popsicles, Jell-O or snow cones.
  4. Do not smoke. In addition, smoking is not allowed anywhere on the St. Joseph Mercy Livingston Hospital or the St. Joseph Mercy Brighton campuses.
  5. You may brush your teeth or rinse your mouth.
  6. Some patients require bowel prep before their operation.
  7. If your operation is late in the day, you may be given special instructions about eating and drinking before surgery.