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Volunteers Make a Difference

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, Brighton, Canton, and Livingston.

When you volunteer at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, you’ll find it’s a place where you are both needed and appreciated. Volunteers play an integral role in our health care team. Through volunteering you can make a difference in the lives of others as well as your own. As a volunteer you learn new things about yourself and the world around you, make new friends and expand your skills. You will also become part of a community where caring for others is the highest priority. Whether you work full or part time, or are a student, retiree, or homemaker, we have a place for you.


As a volunteer, you can choose to be placed at one of the locations below:

  • St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor
  • St. Joseph Mercy Brighton
  • St. Joseph Mercy Canton
  • St. Joseph Mercy Livingston

Volunteer Programs

Adult Program
The adult program is for all other individuals interested in a rewarding volunteer experience in a remarkable health care environment. Adults commit to one day a week for 4 hours for a minimum of six (6) months. Learn more about the volunteer program for adults.

Summer Teen Program
We offer an eight (8) week summer program. Teens volunteer one day a week for 4 hours for a minimum of eight weeks. Teens must be at least 16 years old. Learn more about our volunteer program for teens.

College Program
The college program is a minimum of an eight (8) month commitment (loosely following the college semesters) of one day a week for 4 hours. The program is broken into three (3) sessions: Winter, Summer, and Fall. Each session has deadlines associated with it.  Learn more about our
volunteer program for college students.

Experience Advisor
Saint Joseph Mercy Health System values your input as we continuously improve the planning, delivery and evaluation of healthcare. As such, we have created a variety of advisory roles, and invite former patients, family members and the community (you!) to offer input and advice on various aspects of the patient experience.
Learn more about being an Experience Advisor.

The Farm at St. Joe's Program
The Farm at St. Joe's program on the Ann Arbor campus utilizes volunteers in all aspects of farming. Individuals can assist on a weekly basis or we have one-day projects. Learn more about our
volunteer program at The Farm at St. Joe's.

Family Advisory Board (NICU)
The Family Advisory Board provides an extra level of support to parents and families of critically ill babies being cared for in the NICU. It is made up of patients whose babies graduated from the NICU and use their experience to help create and offer educational and support programs.

The Cancer Center Link Navigator Program
The Link Volunteer Navigator Program is an innovative partnership between St. Joe's Cancer Center (Ann Arbor, Canton, and Brighton), American Cancer Society, and Cancer Support Community. After receiving a comprehensive training on these three organizations, volunteers meet with patients and caregivers in the Cancer Center to provide support, educational resources and information on psychosocial care programs. The goal of the program is to help connect patients with support, information and community resources. The Link program is always looking for volunteers who share this vision and are looking for an opportunity to interact and support cancer patients. All St. Joseph Mercy Health System volunteer requirements apply. For more information on this program, contact the Program Coordinator at or 734-712-3113.
Learn more about our Link Navigator volunteer program 

Pet Therapy Program
The SJMHS Pet Therapy program matches caring and dedicated handlers who are happy to share their well-trained, loving dogs with our patients who benefit from and enjoy the unconditional love, laughter and joy that a dog can bring. If you have a dog that is friendly, patient, confident, gentle and enjoys human contact this is the opportunity for you. First, your canine will need to be certified through Therapaws Inc., and then be processed as a volunteer through SJMHS Volunteer Services. Learn more about the Pet Therapy program 

Key Requirements

There are certain key requirements that we ask each volunteer to meet in order to volunteer at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System. These requirements are set in place for your protection as well as for the protection of our patients, visitors, and staff. Each requirement must be met before your first day of volunteering. The list below contains some of our requirements; however others may also apply:

  • Interview - All volunteers will meet with Volunteer Services staff to discuss interests, complete paperwork and determine potential placement.
  • Background Check - All volunteers 18 and over will be subject to a criminal background check.
  • Uniform - Volunteers will be provided a uniform that distinguishes them as part of the volunteer team.
  • Health Screening
    • Test negative for 2 TB skin tests (If positive, volunteer must provide a clear chest x-ray report, free of charge)
    • Provide immunization record or other document showing receipt of two doses of Varicella vaccine, lab test showing immunity, or provide history of having had Chickenpox.
    • Provide immunization record or other document showing receipt of two (2) doses of MeaslesMumpsRubeola(MMR) or evidence of immunity (positive antibody titer) from lab testing.
    • Provide record of Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria, Acellular Pertussis) vaccine. (The Tdap vaccine is required for anyone (regardless of age) working in a clinical setting.)
    • TBMMR vaccine may be received through your physician's office or free of charge at our Employee Health Services.
    • Provide record of receiving this year's influenza vaccine. If you haven't received this year's flu shot, you will be required to get one free of charge at our Employee Health Services.
    • Return your Health Clearance form to the Volunteer Department after health screenings has been completed. 
  • Training/Orientation As a volunteer you are required to complete a volunteer orientation. Volunteers will learn about policies and procedures, guidelines, rules and regulations, along with the benefits associated with volunteering. You will have an option to complete a take home orientation or complete the online version by clicking this link. Please view the power point and complete the quiz. You will have access to the volunteer handbook for further clarification. Please allow thirty minutes to complete the quiz fully.
  • Name Badge - Each volunteer receives a hospital-issued identification badge to wear at all times.
  • References - All volunteers will need to have two professional reference forms completed by non-relatives.